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Killer Stuff and Tons of Money” is a killer edition to your library.” Hello Lovely, Inc.

“ This is one of those books that I want everyone to read.” Truth, Beauty, Freedom and Books

“This non-fiction book read like a ‘can’t put it down’ all-consuming novel… Filled with interesting facts, humorous stories, and fascinating characters.” 52 Flea

“Something about this book made it completely unputdownable for me.” English Major’s Junk Food

“ The way Ms. Stanton interweaves historical information with her narrative of her experiences with Curt makes this book a page turner.” Blogger – The Shabby Nest

“The triumph of this book is the easy, casual writing and the way in which Stanton has made a somewhat esoteric topic gripping reading.” Blogger BookNaround
  • Killer Stuff is really enjoyable, and so very informative!  It’s a marvellous piece of research, gripping, and should be made compulsory reading for all collectors.    Ashley Lawrence, Dorset, England


  • I wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed reading [your book]! … I love the way that you tell small stories within each chapter and how the details of certain periods or types of antiques were conveyed. Your stories about Curt Avery and the experiences that you had at shows and auctions were so funny, educating, and honest! Thank you for writing such a great book.   Lauren, Warwick, RI


  • After I finished ‘Killer Shit and Tons of Money,’ I mean isn’t that the real title, I walked around talking to you in my head for days. I loved your book. It was recommended by my friend who works at the library. I thought, well, o.k., I’ll read the first chapter. That was it. I was smitten…We have a nice antique ‘mall’ here [and] I check in from time to time because I enjoy looking and touching. While I have passed the accumulation stage, well, you never know what you’ll find that you fall in love with…Thank you for writing that wonderful book. I’d love to hang out with ‘Avery’ for a few shows. God, they sound grueling.  Posie Dauphiné, Blowing Rock, NC


  • Thank you for writing this book. This is my second time reading it and all the anecdotal incidents just keep me reading and smiling all the way through. My dream is to make it to Brimfield and run through the acreage!! You have inspired me to ” just do it”!!!! My first love is old Persian rugs and I know you do mention them somewhere, but I’ll keep reading. You are so lucky to have had first hand experience with your dealer friend and to have had the opportunity to meet so many interesting people and learn so much! It’s really a unique look into the antique world and it makes me realize how little I do know and how much work goes into being a successful dealer. Loved Curt!! Thank you again…(can I give Curt a “wanted list”:)). Francine W.


  • I just finished your book “Killer Stuff.” It was incredible. It took me a long time to read because of all of the information. I was practically using it as a reference text book. Over the years I have befriended several “Averys” although none would ever allow me into their fold. Unlike Avery and the generosity of his knowledge to whomever needed it, these guys treat the business like covert spies for the CIA…The way you told this story was extraordinary. I felt as though I was right there in the fields with you and Avery…I really like and respect Avery and I too share his connection with the past. I also like you and the way you endured his life style. You have written an astonishingly interesting as well as informative story. One that I’m sure I will read again. And again.  Rob Dickson, Longport, NJ


  •  “[Y]our book–no surprise–was fabulous! I found myself immediately hooked and reeled in, page by page, by the endearing character of Curt Avery, the culture of flea markets and antiques, auctions and forgeries, roadtrips and roadshows, a wonder-full array of objects (made auratic by historical tidbits and lineages so tantalizing that I felt like I was ogling or fondling the object at hand–blanket chest, opium bottle, weathervane, etc.–in my own hands) objectified within your collection of collections, curated by your own compelling narrative voice. Thank you!! When I sit down to a meal now, I cannot help but marvel at the numeric tines on my fork. What a wondrous journey of a book.  Gretchen H., Cambridge, MA 


  • “I am in the process of reading the book for the 3rd time believe it or not. [S]ome of the best things about your book in no specific order are that it is really fun to read, hard to put down (one time I was driving to a clients house and I had to pull over to read a few more pages), it is very educational, it can show people that antiques can be a lot of fun and a great way to outfit the house, and finally it shows how hard it really is to be a quality antique dealer.  I have to tell you why I love ‘Curt Avery.’ He is honest, fair and he shows character and integrity and his passion is the best.”  Erik Powell, Chicopee, MA


  • “On a recent  trip, my husband picked me up a copy of your book thinking I might find it a fun read. I loved it! I appreciate old things – primitives especially. I love knowing I am holding something that another person put so much effort into crafting. I found the stories behind how certain pieces were created particularly fascinating.  Perhaps because of his passion for primitives or inability to collect one thing obsessively, I developed a deep admiration for ‘Curt Avery’ that made me want to follow him around a sales floor like a puppy!  I will probably always be an antique junkie, but hopefully one that is wiser for having read your book. It is my hope that I am able to find local dealers with Avery’s knowledge base and integrity that are willing to share their love of craftsmanship. Thank you again for this wonderful book.”  Jean S., South Carolina


  • “Well, you covered it all: ‘Roadshow Antiques,’ eBay, the history of numerous antiques shows and auction houses, bidding techniques, the flea market circuit, differences between hoarders and collectors. People and purchases: Presidents, Statesmen,  Jackie Kennedy, Ralph Lauren, Barbra Streisand, Andy Warhol and Martha Stewart to name a few. Antique subjects:  Windsor chairs, blanket chests,  Wedgwood, bottles, fonts, Shaker boxes, tea table heights ~ the list goes on and on. And of course the money $$$$ and the prices for everything. Your travels with Avery…the packing and unpacking, the morning dew @ 5:00 am and the wet rain as well as his cluttered house and how you two set-up his booth all add a depth to a most fascinating historical look at ‘killer stuff” and individual passion for ownership.  I have already recommended your book. Congratulations on a superb book.”  Patrice Power, Greenwich, CT


  • “I love [your book]–it’s been such a fun journey. I’ve been so amazed at how this story of this middle-aged man from the East has brought back so many of my own childhood memories. My maternal grandparents were casual collectors…They had a reverence for things–both historical and contemporary–and many of these things, deeply imbued with meaning, have found their way into my own household…It’s a great read.”  Ann Breidenbach, Columbia, MO


  • “I am writing to tell you that I enjoyed your book very much; I read the whole thing in two days…I have never been a dealer, but I have been a collector, and I could identify with the emotions and highs you related.  I have loved to collect since I was a little girl, starting with rock collections and horse figurines.  My favorite thing to do was to go ‘flea-ing’…[T]hanks so much for the book–I loved all the vicarious buying and selling, and have never read anotehr book like it. Best wishes for great sales.”   Holly, AR 


  • “I finished Killer Stuff two days ago and gave it to my husband, who promptly opened it and read it straight through. I went to an estate sale on Friday and while waiting in line to get in I recommended the book to the people in front of and behind me. In addition to its thoroughly engaging subject matter…the book is successful because of your informed commentary, with citations to back you up. It’s not a starry-eyed tribute to collectors, buyers, pickers, and sellers. (Or a squinch-eyed critique of them.) And now I have a better vocabulary–for example, a ‘living room’ booth at a sale or a group shop…Thanks for writing such a wonderful book!”  Nann B.H., Zion, IL