Antiques Are Green  is an organization promotes antiques as an environmentally positive choice, and they proved it with a fascinating carbon footprint study comparing an 19th century chest with a modern one.  Read the and learn more about the organization’s mission.
 Antiques Near Me is an excellent site that allows you to search for auctions, antiques dealers, shops, flea markets, and antiques shows by city and/or zip code, with an extensive national database.  You can even set up “alerts” to send you emails when there’s an event or show near you.
New England Antiques Shows are New England’s and Boston’s top antiques shows. Two chapters of Killer Stuff and Tons of Money take place at these shows, including the Boston Antiques and Design Show and Sale in Wilmington, Massachusetts, where John Malkovich and Barbra Streisand were spotted shopping for antiques.  Great dealers, great objects. -  Great directory and source of information for the Brimfield Flea Market, one of the world’s largest outdoor flea markets and antiques shows. – A beautiful, coffee-table book with gorgeous black and white photos of the famous Brimfield flea  market spanning 30 years, by reknowned photographer Angelo Dounoucos –his work is in the Brooklyn Museum of Art’s permanent collection. 



Noordsy Antiques  is the website for Jeff and Holly Noordsy Antiques, who are excellent antiques dealers with a stellar reputation. Check out their select antiques on this website.

Antiqueaholics is a great blog by an antiques aficionado, Patti. Excellect pictures, wonderful antiques. She shows on Rubylane antiques also.


 Louise’s Attic is an excellent clearinghouse for all things “antiques and collectible”– beautifully designed, news, resources, shop locater, buy and sell, and great images.


The Young Antiques Collectors are Holly and Andrew are “thirty-something” antiques lovers, collectors, bloggers, experts. Their blog, and a column in the Maine Antiques Digest is excellent, well written and informative.  I  love their “Top Ten Reasons to Collect Antiques” (mentioned in Killer Stuff).  See it  here.

Collector’s Blue Book is a great new social networking site for collectors. Follow Will Wilson as he tours the country in “Goldie,” his vintage van, stopping at collecting events, flea markets, and antiques fairs.  Share, post, sell, discuss, learn…anything to do with collecting.

Cheap Bohemian   A great blog, with interesting articles, objects to buy, and an ethos that fits with antiques and vintage–value quality in objects. – An excellent clearinghouse for flea market information, including articles and a state by state directory of markets. Well designed, easy to use, informative website.

    Provendor  is a FREE professional site for flea market vendors, with market data, news of new flea markets opening, buying opportunities, and other benefits.       


        The Antiques Diva will guide you in Italy, Germany, France or anywhere in Europe to the       best antiques and vintage treasure hunting.