Killer Stuff and Tons of Money book cover 

Killer Stuff is a killer read

A Treasure Trove of a Book

- 12 Great Summer Reads

“An intoxicating read that rips away the lace curtain from the antiques biz.”

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“Curt Avery is the fake name of the very real hero of Killer Stuff and Tons of Money, which is too bad. Because after whipping through Maureen Stanton’s utterly engaging, heavily researched account of her old college buddy’s life on the yard-sale flea-market antiques-show auction-house circuit, I wanted to invite myself into his multi-state universe and hang out with all those dealers, collectors, sport shoppers, decorators, scholars and especially the pseudonymous Windsor chair restorer whose brilliantly altered and repaired pieces have fooled a number of top antiquarians and museums.”

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